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Section 1: The Board will consist of the President, Past-President, Junior Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer

Section 2: The extended Board will include members of the Board plus co-opted Directors of the Society. The Board may co-opt a number of directors to assist in running the Society. Co-opted Directors will be invited to join the extended Board, but have no voting rights

Section 3: The Society will be represented judicially and extra-judicially by two Board Members in each case. The members of the Board shall be in charge of the administration of the affairs of the Society. At least three Board Members must be present for any decisions to be valid. All decisions of the Board will be taken by a simple majority of votes, the President holding a casting vote, should this be required.

Section 4: The terms of office for Board members shall be for 2 years, the Board being elected at the General Meeting.

Section 5: Board members except the President, Past-President and Vice-President, may offer themselves for re-election.

Section 6: The President shall preside at all meetings, shall preserve order, regulate debates and at the conclusion of his/her term of office shall serve as Past-President for a further two years. All decisions of the Board and the General Meeting must be recorded in the minutes of the relevant meeting and signed by the President as a true record.

Section 7: The Vice-President shall succeed to the Presidency two years after the General Meeting he/she was elected. He/she shall preside in the absence of the President and, when so acting, shall perform such duties as would otherwise devolve upon the President. The Vice-President shall become acting President for any unexpired term if for any reason the President is unable to fulfil his/her duties of office.

Section 8: In the absence of the President and Vice-President, a member of the Board selected by those present shall be the presiding officer.

Section 9: The Secretary shall attend to the correspondence of the Society; shall keep the minutes of Board Meetings and the General Meeting; shall oversee notification of new members of the  Society proposed to the Board and notify new members of their election; shall notify members of the General Meeting and the oversee the election of new Board members. He/she shall conduct other such routine executive tasks as may be required by the Board.

Section 10: The Treasurer shall oversee the financial accounts prepared by the Management Company upon order of the Board. He/she shall keep full and accurate books of account, containing a record of all monies received and expended, which books shall be the property of the Society and open to the inspection of the authorised officials at all reasonable times and places. He/she shall oversee collection of membership fees and report all members in arrears. He/she shall submit a written financial report to the Board annually. A summary of this report shall be submitted to the General Meeting.

Section 11: In the case of a member resigning from the Board, the remaining Board Members may co-opt a further member until the next General Meeting when the vacancy may be filled.

Section 12: The Board will propose Auditors to the General Meeting to examine the accounts of the Society.

Section13: All officers of the Society shall work in an honorary capacity.