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Membership of the Society will be comprised primarily of accredited European veterinarians, particularly those who are interested in the fields of orthopaedics and traumatology. All applications for membership shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary. Acceptance shall be determined by simple majority of the Board. In case of refusal, the applicant may appeal to the General Meeting which will determine a final decision by a simple majority of the voting members present, the President having a casting vote in the event of a tie.


Full Members are to be considered as active members and may be any veterinarian or member of an academic profession who is interested in the objectives of the Society.

  1. In order to be eligible for election to membership of the Society an individual must:
    1. have a satisfactory ethical standing in the profession and
    2. pay an annual membership fee

  2. Membership will cease in the event of:
    1. death
    2. resignation
    3. expulsion.

Resignation must be submitted in writing to the Board and is subject to three months' notice.


Each member shall be required to pay an annual membership fee except for Honorary members. The membership fee will be determined by the Board, subject to agreement at the General Meeting. There will be no reimbursement of the annual fee in the event of resignation or expulsion.


Honorary Members are those who achieve special recognition by the Society and shall be elected at a General Meeting. Honorary  membership is to be considered the highest award that can be made by the Society. Honorary Members have the same rights as Full Members but are excused from payment of the membership fee.


  1. Full and Honorary members may vote at General Meetings.
  2. All members may present proposals to the Board and to the General Meetings.
  3. All members are eligible to participate in any event organised by the Society.
  4. Members are expected to:
    - further the objectives of the Society to the best of their ability
    - pay their membership fee when requested.
    - attend the General Meeting


Any member may be expelled or suspended from membership of the Society

  1. for non-professional or unethical conduct or for any other action deemed to be contrary to the best interests and objectives of the Society or

    Such decisions shall only be made following a unanimous decision by the Board. Expulsion will take effect immediately. Prior to consideration by the Board, a member will be given an opportunity to provide an explanation or defence. A period of not less than four weeks will be allowed for such a defence to be received by the Secretary. The reason for any expulsion must be delivered to the member together with the decision reached by the Board.

    (i) An appeal against expulsion may be made to the General Meeting. Notice of the appeal must be made to the Secretary for the attention of the General Meeting, in writing, within a period of one month of receiving the Board’s decision. The member must be given an opportunity to present such an appeal during the Meeting.
    (ii) If no appeal is brought, or if such an appeal is made later than the period determined in the constitution, then the exclusion may not subsequently be challenged by any further legal action.
    (iii) Following expulsion from the Society, members will not receive any distribution of the Society’s assets beyond their legitimate outstanding expenses.

  2. for non-payment for the annual membership fee.